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Annah Marcelle

Singer / Songwriter

Hi, my name is Annah Marcelle and my passion is singing and writing songs about life experiences. I record all my own music in my "studio" at home. I'm 17 now, but I've been writing songs for about three years and I've completed over 100 songs so far! In the summer of 2020, a friend of mine encouraged me to start sharing some of my recordings, so I released an amateur album called Start Again on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and several other digital stores. Even though Start Again was not recorded professionally, I received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement to keep writing and I've been working hard on that! I still record in my home studio, but I'm now working with a professional audio engineer to help me mix and master my songs for sound quality. Right now, I'm super focused on my songwriting and I've been producing at least one new song a week. I'm working to finish up a second album called Breakthrough and I hope to have it out sometime in 2021. Thank you so much for visiting my site and checking out my songs! I hope they will be an inspiration to you.

Oh! I love doing collabs, so if you'd like to work on a project together or just need some lyrics or backup vocals, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram! Let's talk!